About David Woeller

   David Woeller is a self-taught photographer/digital artist living,

and working, in the Southern New Jersey area. He has been involved

in photography since he was a high school student, and has nurtured

his style and skills throughout his adult years.

   His images have won numerous awards, and have been feature in

national publications. He is an Associate Artist at the Riverfront

Renaissance Center for the Arts in Millville, New Jersey's downtown

arts district, and also serves on the Board of trustees there. He is past

president of the Stay Focused Photo Club of Richard Stockton

University. Also, he is proud to have numerous images purchased, and

on display, as part of the AtlantiCare Healing Arts Program. Dave has given many presentations to area photography groups, and has led photo workshops in the South Jersey area, including Photo SJ 2017.

   As the digital age was ushered in David embraced the change from film, enjoyed the challenge of new techniques, and at the same time welcomed the enhanced freedom of expression that digital processing offered. His work continues to show his love of presenting his interpretation of the subject.